Buta Film cinema production company, based in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. Company established in 2005 by Ilgar Najaf. Since then has united around of itself young filmmakers. The majority of production is documentary and short films. But also few low budget feature films. In 2011 has produced the first feature film for big screen - "Buta", which won Asian Pacific Screen Award as Best Children’s Feature Film.

Films produced by the company participated in many international festivals and winn awards.



2005: "Prematurely born" documentary film by Mirsadig Agazadeh

2009: "Theatrical Life" short film by Ilgar Najaf. 

2009: "With the Back to Qiblah" short film by Asif Rustamov 

2009: "The letter to Lenin" documentary film by Orkhan Agazadeh 

2011: "Portrait Written by Oil" documentary film by Ali Isa Jabbarov

2011: "The Last One" feature film by Teymur Daimi

2011: "Buta" feature film by Ilgar Najaf

2012: "The Nest" short film by Emin Efendiyev

2015: "Vagif - as I knew him" documentary film by Irakli Apakidze & Ali Khakidani

2017: "Pomegranate orchard" feature film by Ilgar Najaf

              “We don’t make movies to make money,

we make money to make more movies”

– Walt Disney