Director:  Ilgar Najaf

Screenwriter:  Asif Rustamov, Ilgar Najaf, Roelof Jan Minneboo

Producers:  Mushfug Hatamov, Ilgar Najaf

Genre:  Drama

Year:  2017


Gabil returns home to the humble family farmstead, surrounded by an orchard of venerable pomegranate trees; since his sudden departure twelve years ago he was never once in contact. However, the deep emotional scars he left behind cannot be erased from one day to the next.






Director:  Ilgar Najaf

Screenwriter:  Ilgar Najaf

Producers:  Ilgar Najaf, Khamis Muradov

Genre:  Family

Year:  2011


BUTA is a tale-myth about a great love. The main characters of the movie are children who are in the very beginning point of their life. The main character, boy called Buta is luckier than others because he has got a wise adviser (tutor) who sells a liquid soap. This man helps boy in every step of his way. The wise man dreams to restore an old mill, whereas Buta wishes for different thing – he wants to create a big pattern on the top of the mountain by using stones as all who flies high – birds and people in the planes - would be able to watch and admire it. But he is surrounded by envious village boys who prevent him. Buta, who has wisdom too young to have, reveals their miserable nature that gets them irritated very much. They have confrontations every now and then. A representative of the soap making company comes to the village to promote his product. After he falls in love with a local girl, called Gyoncha. Gyoncha needs to finish her work - to weave a carpet of her life and then to get married to him. Multiple of storylines crossing each other are coming to an end at the same time – the carpet is woven, the pattern is created and an old miller falls into an eternal sleep after restoring his mill finally. His soul flies high over the village watching all that is happening there.



Director:  Asif Rustamov

Screenwriter:  Sabina Huseynli

Producers:  Ali Isa Jabbarov, Sewa Kessler

Genre:  Drama

Year:  2009


Young Ali is the subject of ridicule in his village. Even his closest friends and relatives they call him "little coward." To get rid of that offensive nickname, he has no alternative but to prove his courage.


It's the fist and only film in Tsackhur language.

Tsakhur's is a small ethnic group, living in Caucasus mountains.






Director:  Ilgar Najaf

Screenwriter:  Ilgar Najaf

Producer:  Ali Isa Jabbarov

Genre:  Drama/Comedy

Year:  2009


The movie is about one province actor lost between virtual life and reality. The actor who keeps back

his feelings and always speaks to himself. But it can't go on like this –he must make a choice.




Director:  Teymur Daimi

Screenwriter:  Teymur Daimi

Producers:  Ali Isa Jabbarov, Teymur Daimi

Genre:  Fantasy

Year:  2011


The film's genre is an apocalypse story. It deals with a fantastic writer. His book-tragedy "The Last One" about the end of the world gained him fame. The writer falls into the world created by him in his work and becomes the hero of his own book. He should solve the problems that all creative persons meet with difficulties while managing.




Director:  Emin Efendiyev

Screenwriter:  Emin Efendiyev

Producer:  Ilgar Najaf

Genre:  Drama

Year:  2012


There are positive changes with the advent of homeless beggar in forester's family. Nobody guesses about who is behind the appearance of "homeless."